5 BEST Features Coming to New World in 2023 Roadmap


The New World roadmap for 2023 was officially released and I was overall just whelmed by it. There were some things on it that I was incredibly excited about, some that I could tell might be fun but weren’t really my cup of tea, and items missing from it that I wish were included. However, I’m trying to remain positive about the future of New World because I know personally when all I can think of are negative things about a game then I stop playing. And I do truly enjoy the game so I don’t really wish to stop quite yet. So in honor of remaining positive and inhaling that sweet sweet copium, we’re gonna talk about the 5 best things shown on the roadmap/for the future of New World as a whole. And if this video does well then I might make one on 5 things I wish was added to the roadmap.

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Top 5

Sandworm Elite Trial.

The supposed hardest PvE content we’ll see to date that they don’t expect anyone to be able to beat for the first day at least. For those who aren’t familiar, when you first enter Brimstone Sands you see a giant worm explode from the sand. That’s the boss we will have to beat. Supposedly it will be a 10-person raid where you’ll need to be geared up and ready to face it. Before I get into my thoughts on this, it is important to note that in Season 4 we are supposedly getting a Season Trial with Mutators, so this could just be stage one of it.

Now, why is this number 5 on the list? Well, honestly it is purely because my expectations for how well this will turn out are low. I’ve found a lot of the PvE in New World to be pretty lackluster. Expeditions and mutations are fun the first few times you run them but quickly get old just due to some being incredibly easy and others boring. There are some exceptions here and there with PvE, but I just have not been that invested in PvE in New World as I find it not that challenging. And when looking at bosses they’ve done so far outside expeditions, like event bosses or the PvE arenas, they’ve all been incredibly easy. Maybe that’s due to the bosses not being scaled for 625 with ward and bane, but frankly, they were a snooze fest. The only boss I can think of with mechanics I actually have to turn my brain on for are the final bosses in Ennead and Neishatun in Tempest. Even then not that much. So my expectations for how this elite trial will actually perform are low and I’ve found their reward systems to be lackluster in PvE so I just can’t bring myself to be overly excited. That being said, a new mode so to speak does sound fun so I am hoping it does well. But my skepticism keeps the Sandworm Elite Trial at number five.

Top 4

PvP Features

For clarity on what I mean here, I’m talking about the following changes/updates for PvP: Colored Outlines for Enemy AoEs in PvP, Seasonal Balance updates, Cross World Outpost Rush and Arenas, New Arena Map, New Weapons and Heartrunes, Territory Influence Updates, the Perk Balance Update, and the update to PvP tracker.

Now you might be thinking - hey you listed a lot of things there! No, not really. Overall everything I listed is just tweaks or fixes or updates to current modes or systems. The only actual new PvP content we are getting is one weapon, three new heartunes, and an arena map. Everything else is just an update, or quite frankly something that should have been in the game from day one (like cross-world OPR and colored outlines for enemy AoEs). Even their territory influence update, which they are so so so excited about, is just a rework of the current system. And sure, it will most likely improve aspects of it, but there are a lot of things to be wary of with this system (mega-companies and such will feast. More on that in another video).

Honestly, I think the lack of actual PvP content keeps this roadmap from being perfect to me. Everything else sounds pretty awesome or at least good, but no new OPR map, new PvP mode, practice wars, or incentives for open-world PvP outside pushing just sucks. It really just sucks. So while these features and updates are nice, I just really wish there was actual PvP content coming, and that’s why it is number four on my list.

Top 3


I put these two together since they both fit in the same category in my head. They are cosmetic features, though obviously mounts will help a bit with traveling, but they are also fun things that should have been in the base game. That being said, I am excited for them both as I do want to fully customize my character and mounts do sound fun to me. I don’t necessarily think the map needs mounts, but for the idea of collecting them, they will be fun. Also hope you can use mounts in OPR and wars as that will be a fun strategy.

But yeah, these are just good features that I hope perform well. It’s a little late as they should have been in the game on launch, but we’ll take them coming out now and that’s why they are at number 3.

Top 2

Expansion announcement.

Brimstone Sands brought me back to New World after an almost 9-month break from the game. I had played religiously in the betas and then from launch through the first half of February 2022. Then I took a break for many months, and got really into Elden Ring and V Rising and other games. Brimstone Sands brought me back and I honestly loved the expansion. To this day I really don’t have any complaints about Brimstone Sands, I think they nailed the expansion. So yeah, honestly I’m pumped for a new one.

I’m guessing this one won’t be as big as Brimstone Sands but that’s alright. Overall we don’t know too much about what the expansion will entail being a New Story, a zone transformed, a new expedition, mounts, a new weapon, a new heartrune, and a gear score increase. I’m totally fine with all of those and if it provides something else that brings it a bit of oomph I’d be really happy with that. I like the idea of a zone transformed. While I do think adding a new zone will always be exciting, right now there are already many zones that are just dead or useless, the two biggest ones being First Light and Restless Shores. So I am a fan of them potentially reworking some zones if that’s what that means, but hopefully that is the whole zone and not just a cosmetic rework as they did to Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall cities. But yeah, the expansion comes at number two purely cause I loved Brimstone, but it doesn’t top the list since we don’t know too much about the specifics yet.

Top 1

Seasonal Update approach.

I think this might be very controversial in this community, but that’s just from me looking at forums and Reddit and anecdotally taking note of the community’s reaction. However, for me, seasonal updates are perfect and I love that idea. I enjoy compacted mini expansions focused on 3-month sprints. The battle pass idea sounds fun to me and if the rewards are worth it then I’m down. I like new stories and knowing when guaranteed content is coming out compared to how we are now when we just play the guessing game to see if the next PTR update provides content. Honestly, I just think this will provide a stable stream of incoming content. And it helps to have a healthy system where players can return for the new season, play for as long as they want, the population dies down as they quit, and then hopefully they return at the end of the season for the next one. I think it’ll help with stabilizing the population a bit instead of everyone leaving the game until the fall for the next expansion.

So yeah, I just like this system a lot. I think it’ll hopefully be consistent and with how new world performs I think it is the right approach to updates in this game, so it takes my number one favorite thing about the roadmap spot.


Overall these are the 5 things I am most excited about from the roadmap for 2023. We’ll have to see how things deliver, and if the developers sneak in a new PvP mode that would be dope. If not, I’ll probably be on a cadence where I play intensely around new seasons and warlog otherwise haha. Let me know your thoughts on the roadmap below and I’ll catch you next video where once the PTR comes out for the Fellowship and Fire season, we’ll be making a ton of videos on that. Peace out.